Professional & Personal Spanish Online

Online Spanish

Professional & Personal Online Spanish courses, guided and evaluated by qualified, experienced Spanish native teachers in Spain

After teaching Spanish to foreign children and teenagers for many years at our Spanish Language School in the South of Spain, we have worked on a concept to be able to let students from all over the world benefit from our concepts and proficient way of teaching from the comfort of their own homes. We offer a form of Blended Learning, where the student can learn Spanish using the newest teaching techniques along with the guidance of his or her personal teacher in Spain.


For this purpose we use a virtual, educational platform. The students will get access to their personal learning environment where they will find:

  • Interactive learning materials (texts, video's, photo's, presentations) level A1 through B2
  • Online library
  • Forum and chat
  • Blog 
  • Online evaluation by Spanish native teachers (one-on-one & conference sessions)
  • Social network
  • Personal Computer
  • Access to educational plaform
  • Speakers & video
  • Pen and paper for taking notes

Programs available:

  • Introduction to the Spanish Language  (4 or 8 weeks)
  • Spanish Intensive Course (3 months)
  • Spanish Super Intensive Course (3 months)
  • Spanish for children and teenagers 9-16 yrs (10 months)

The educational platform allows students to:

- Be in touch with their teacher; interact with other students and take actively part to the Forum, Chat, Blog, send direct messages and ask questions
- Access grammatical documents and explanatory pictures of specific grammatical topics in online library
- Realize interactive vocabulary exercises, perform witten tasks and podcasts 
- View educational videos to consolidate contents
- Learn Spanish Culture by reading our Blog: "Spanish Culture and History, Conversations and Useful Expressions"

The Spanish native teachers are qualified and experienced in teaching Spanish as a second language online, speak fluent English and at least one other foreign language.


Online Spanish